Trekking And Dromedaries


It is a must activity, where we will be in full contact with the desert. This activity can be done in one or two days.

1 DAY: We leave the village at dawn to penetrate in the desert backs of camels, we will see the amazing contrast of colors in the heaven and as the sand dunes out of the shadows gradually giving way to a whimsical and extensive provision of sand in our eyes.

We come to a camp where we will have breakfast and then tents stroll walk with a guide to tell us interesting things about Amazigh (Berber) culture and share the day with them. – Nomad will taste delicious cuisine and set course for the people Our backs of camels, to delight us with the sunset filled ocher colors. – End of activity

2 DAYS: We leave the village in the evening to penetrate in the desert riding camels and began the show colo, the sand is changing before our eyes, it becomes increasingly a plumb reddish reflection of the dye It presents the sky at sunset. -Arrive at camp where we welcome you with a delicious dinner, accompanied by music and spending Amazigh night under the stars. – Before the first light of the sun will leave way for the people to enjoy the backs of camels as it appears little desert before our eyes in an explosion of color contrast.

End of activity.All activity includes as described above, less drinks and tips.